Throughout the last 26 years, we have gained experience in a number of key business disciplines including market development & penetration, business management, strategic marketing, general management, organisational strategic planning, in a number of sectors including FMCG, Financial Services, Publishing and Online.

Some of our key clients and projects include:


Capsa Food Logo.jpg

Capsa Food

A leading dairy producer based in Spain who has a number of brands including the Asturiana Brand. The range includes Long Life Milk, Long Life Yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. Recently launched is a powdered yogurt that when mixed with water producers a drinking yogurt that has the consistency of normal drinking yogurt as well as it has all the same health benefits. Our objective is to introduce the Asturiana brand into new markets in the Middle East region.

Green Fields Logo.jpg

Green Fields Dairy is a leading producer of processed cheese and other dairy cheese products. Well positioned in terms of location, the objective is to increase the distribution of their products across Africa. Their value proposition is excellent with high quality products priced competitively to enable successful market penetration.

Zottis Logo.png

Zottis a brand of Zott - Gourmet Dairy - Germany

Zottis extra creamy and fruit yogurts are long life yogurts in delicious flavours. Our role is to increase and build long term distribution relationships in West Africa.

Magro Logo 700 x 400.jpg

The Magro Brothers Group of Companies Malta

A family owned organisation dedicated to the production and provision of quality food. Their main product lines are condiments, sauces, mayonnaise & ketchup in various packaging with a wide range of tested recipes. Third party label productions are also welcomed. Our role is to increase their export and distribution footprint across Africa through building long term principal /distributor relationships.

Logo Combined.jpg

Felfoldi Confectionery Ltd

Increase the distribution footprint of the exciting and innovative range of products across all markets - Asia, Africa, Europe and other.

@Go Foods Logo.png

2Go Foods

One of the fastest growing markets across Africa is instant noodles. 2Go Foods owns the brand Mewo Instant Noodles, Mewo Stock Powder and 2Go Instant Noodles. OpenBox is working with 2Go Foods to increase the penetration of the range of products into new markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Taisun Combined Logo.png

Taisun Vietnam

With their commitment “Growing Together”, Taisun always stay by your side to care for every stage of your life, from baby to elderly adult. Their range includes Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers & underwear and Sanitary Pads. Our role is to investigate opportunities to grow their business across Africa. 

Arluy Copy Logo.jpg

 Arluy Spain

Increase distribution footprint of the brand across various countries in Africa. Includes analysing the market, establishing the correct product fit, ensuring that price positioning is met and supporting for ongoing growth.

Logo & Product.jpg

San Marcos Mexico

World leading brand in traditional Mexican food. Our role is to introduce the brand into the African market. Up until now, the brand has had no distribution across Africa. Our role as Business Development and Marketing for Africa allows us to develop this brand into new countries and grow the overall San Marcos international footprint.

spigadoro logo.png

Spigadoro Pasta Italy

Since 1822 Spigadoro pasta has been made with a few simple ingredients: an exclusive blend of fine durum wheat semolina for a high protein value, bronze die extrusion and medium-low temperature drying that make it the true Italian pasta. Our role is to further penetrate and develop the brand across the African continent.