Past Projects

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Naturally Fiji

OpenBox was involved in the development of the brand Naturally Fiji and is now working on a new market penetration strategy working towards the distribution of the brand in Europe.

Johnson & Johnson South Africa

Development and management of the strategic marketing, business development and communications implementation plan for brands including: Johnson's Baby, pH5.5, RoC, Neutrogena, Johnson's Family and Shower to Shower.

Beacon Sweets & Chocolates South Africa

Development and management of the strategic marketing, business development and communications implementation plan for brands including: Beacon Easter, Chocmates, Mmmallows, Maynards, Dr Bean and Smoothies.

Auto Trader South Africa

Development and implementation of growth strategies through business development and product extensions. Included regional restructuring and new sales channel development.

Bond Choice Home Loans South Africa

Development and implementation of strategic marketing plans to facilitate growth in a changing market. Also the complete overhaul of Bond Choice Corporate Identity and Brand Positioning. Included research on the property purchase decision making process and value chain.

Capital Finance Company Morocco

Capital Finance Company Morocco

Capital Finance Company Morocco is the holding company of what makes up one of the largest sales & distribution companies in Morocco.

The project is ongoing and includes the sourcing of a number of product lines or brands that are not currently distributed in Morocco where a gaps exists in the market. 


Apex Environmental South Africa

Development of Apex Environmental Corporate Identity, Brand Guidelines and Staff Induction Plan.

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La Espanola Olives

La Espanola is completely different to what you have seen till now in the world of olives. Objective is to increase the distribution footprint into new countries.

Punjas and Ocean Soaps Fiji Islands

Development and implementation of internal and external growth strategies across the South Pacific for all imported lines including Berri, Tiffany, Fontera, SPC Ardona as well as the facilitation of the launch of their own brand Americana. Included Oceans Soaps brands such as Bodyguard, Pearl and Naturally Fiji.

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Codan Spain

Facilitated the introduction of Codan Magdalenas into the Moroccan Market. The project included the sourcing and negotiating with Codan on behalf of the distributor on various aspects to ensure that a long term sustainable partnership could be built. The relationship will continue to develop and diversify into additional products.

Foster Clark's Malta

The development and implementation of business plans for the growth of the Foster Clark's range of products across Africa.

HB Group Libya

Growth and development plans for one of their business interests - DMM Morocco, which included the development and implementation of all internal business plans and forecasts. Management of key relationships on behalf of the HB Group with Key suppliers and principles. The development of a B2C and B2B eCommerce strategy for the group. The implementation of key initiatives for the launch of Monoprix Supermarkets in Libya.

Sunshine Snacks

Consolidated Biscuits Malta

Sunshine Snacks is one of the brands in the Consolidated Biscuits Malta range.  The campaign was an activation and social media campaign to generate more awareness of the range of products and induce trial of the product and engage with the consumer.


Loch Lomond Whisky

The Loch Lomond Group is an independent distiller and blender of some of the finest and rarest Scotch Whiskies in the world. The project includes an African Market penetration strategy.

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Cacao Chocolate Bar

It's not a sin to love Chocolate! Developed from concept through to implementation. Put together the idea, completed the business plan, full range development, costing, financial forecasts & P&L's and opened the successful business operation of the world's best chocolate bar.