African Market Penetration

Getting your consumer products into Africa is not easy. There are a number of very important considerations and the basic rule "one size does not fit all" applies.

The African markets certainly continues to offer companies an opportunity for long term sustainable growth.

The African market is a complex one with vast differences across countries, regions - North, South, East & West and the people across the continent in terms of their culture, aspirations, perceptions, needs and wants . No company can be successful in penetrating this market if they do not understand the intricacies of each of these, often trying to match their existing product range into an African country with very little success.

Markets need to be analysed, route to market needs to be understood and the consumer buying behaviour of each country needs to be defined and only then, product can be developed for that particular market.

One size does not fit all.

More about Africa:

The middle class estimated at 350 million in 2018 continues to grow at a very rapid rate.

There are certain barriers to entry which getting into this market difficult, including; lack of understanding about the market and how it operates, market information, economic issues, availability of finance or currency, communication in different languages, complexities of channels of distribution (route to market), cultural difference and more.

Channels of Distribution (route to market)

Understanding the route to market can be one of the most difficult areas of distribution in Africa. The starting point is to partner with a suitable distribution company who understands the channels and has the ability to reach them. Coverage and numeric distribution are key to gaining long term sustainable growth. Then you need to know through which channels you want to take your products. Do you want your products to retail through modern trade or traditional trade.

To increase the chances of being successful, it is better to use a company like OpenBox who have the experience, knowledge and established relationships.

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