Taking your business forward using our extensive experience and sound knowledge of marketing and business development strategies.

With more than 25 years working with multinationals and SME's across the globe, OpenBox will work with you to take your business forward, allowing you to keep your focus on your core competencies.

What we do...

OpenBox will get to know your business and the market in which it operates, understand your vision and goals, then present a plan within the parameters of your brief.

OpenBox will identify where you need to change or what strategies need to be implemented. This could include anything from internal structural changes, staff recruitment and retention strategies, setting your vision, mission and objectives, product development and changes to suit market penetration strategies through to external business strategy changes including sales channel identification, advertising and promotions or whatever is required to ensure that your business meets your growth expectations.

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully launched consumer products into a number of international markets
  • Set strategic direction for large multinationals in various markets
  • Pioneered Experiential Marketing in South Africa
  • Worked on Business Incubators
  • Brand Guideline development

Ask us to ...

  • Take you into new markets
  • Build your corporate identity
  • Assist you with the internal structures to meet your vision, mission and objectives
  • Develop a suitable media or marketing campaign
  • Developed marketing and communications plans 
  • Developed sales and marketing strategies
  • Business Development across continents and in various regions
  • Internal Company Plans and Corporate Identity development
  • Develop your business plan
  • Work on your growth strategies
  • Develop copy or content in line with your positioning and image
  • Proof read your content
  • Product or Brand development